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Jenny’s Tortes

All Bluebird Bakery’s cakes are custom made from the finest, freshest ingredients available. Real sweet cream butter, whipping cream and pure vanilla extract make Jenny’s one of a kind cakes rich and delicious.


White Tortes

Traditional Torte

Light butter cake layered with rich whipped White Chocolate Ganache and a touch of Amaretto Liqueur. Fresh seasonal fruit may be added at an additional cost.

Raspberry Torte

Light butter cake layered with raspberry mousse, raspberry jam, and laced with Raspberry Liqueur.

Daffodil Lemon Torte

Light butter cake layered with lemon curd and zested lemon butter cream filling, brushed with Triple Sec Liqueur.

Carrot Cake

One of our most popular cakes, a moist and delicious spice cake with carrots and cream cheese icing between the layers.

Butter Cream Torte

Light butter cake layered with your choice of vanilla or fruit flavored butter cream icing: lemon, almond, raspberry, or strawberry.

Chocolate Tortes

Tuxedo Chocolate Torte

Tuxedo Chocolate Torte Dark chocolate cake layered with rich, whipped White Chocolate Ganache filling, and a touch of Brandy and Kahlua Liqueurs.

Dark Chocolate Lover

Dark chocolate cake layered with a rich, whipped Semi-sweet Chocolate Ganache filling, brushed with Brandy and Kahlua Liqueurs.

Chocolate Raspberry Amaretto Torte

Dark chocolate cake with layers of raspberry jam, Amaretto Liqueur, and chocolate butter cream fillings.

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Torte

Chocolate cake layers filled with dense, fudgy Chocolate Raspberry Truffle filling, brushed with Raspberry Liqueur.

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